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Our terroir
We love and value frailness as the signature of our indigenous grapes. We strive to enhance their timid identity and we do our best to prevent them from useless adjustments, finings or tricks.
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sunawi, vigna, terroir
lago di garda, sunawi, vigna, terroir

The soil, first of all.

We apply ancient farming techniques, avoiding the use of treatments, in order to facilitate natural soil oxygenation. We support biodiversity improvement. Thanks to the presence of different microorganisms we preserve our ecosystem, we create and maintain a proper balance in terms of water and nutritional needs of the plants.

A ventilated and non-compressed soil enables the roots to explore deeper, where organic matter and minerals are huge and rich, nourishing the vine. The vineyards become more resistant to typical diseases and with a balanced yield, with no overexploitation.

Terroir translates in English as "sense of a place".


The terroir is not just the "geographical location": it is a symphony of many different elements: the man, his work, the grape variety, the climate, the tradition. Terroir is made of all experiences collected in decades of history in that specific area. 


All these elements are the key to understand the value of natural wines. Man transforms in the cellar what nature delivered during the season with no need of chemical intervention.

Sunawi società agricola s.r.l


The vineyards

Via Europa, 77

28087 Salò (BS) Italia ù

P.IVA IT04222060982 REA BS - 598023

Località Monte Serina

Muscoline (BS)


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