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Our Philosophy

After years of drinking, studying, and sharing opinions with wine lovers and farmers, we found the only possible solution for making wine: the natural one. This is what really makes sense, rediscovering the power of nature in each single glass of wine.

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sunawi, vigna, vino naturale

Thanks to our farming and wine-making knowledge, we assist Nature process during the year to have the best possible result.

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We preserve our surroundings in the most natural and environmentally friendly way, creating wine that we hope will delight your taste buds, being a pleasant company for your moments of joy.

Each bottle, each vintage, each grape, will always lead us to a unique and one-of-a-kind result. A healthy soil can nourish a vivid vineyard and we aim to return all their features in each glass of wine.

sunawi, vino naturale
sunawi, terapia, vino naturale
sunawi, vigna, team
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